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What is drip irrigation?

The application of water to plant roots using perforated tubes which allow for water to be applied directly to plant roots at a steady rate ( Dripping)

Why use drip?
Ans: Drip has a water application efficiency of 95% which makes it a water saving technology.
Use of drip minimizes the existence of weeds as they will be starved of water compared to overhead which sprays water on the unnecessary ground.
The pumping cost when using drip is cheaper compared to Sprinkler systems.

Which crops are suitable for drip irrigation?
Ans: Tomatoes, onions, cabbages, chia, maize, soya beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes, butternut, water melons etc

How it works?
Usually each dripper hole has a capacity to release between 1-2L/hr depending with the pressure from the pump or height of tank if it's gravity. This means generally in 1 hour each hole can release 1L which could be sufficient for the plant depending with crop stage. Advise would be to get water requirements from an agronomist and we advise how you achieve that..

Can drip work using gravity?
Ans: Yes you just need a tank stand height of about 4m minimal. This creates pressure which allows the emitters to operate well. Remember, no height no pressure....

What's the best water source to supply drip?

"A Borehole is good for drip irrigation. We put a screen filter to avoid clogging. Dam or river is also good. We put a sand hydrocodone seperator or a disc filter to avoid clogging depending with the composition."


  • author
    27 Aug 2019
    Tafadzwa Mayaya

    Drip irrigation is ideal if you are on a tight budget, it cheap and easy to setup

    1. author
      27 Aug 2019
      Martha Mashiri

      It's also very suitable for young seedlings, i use it for my tomato seedlings

  • author
    27 Aug 2019
    Evan Mwale

    I want this setup how can i have it?


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